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EMC Organization

At USKA there are EMC Level 1 and EMC Level 2 specialists. These are structured in the same way as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The EMC Level 1 Specialists are responsible in the USKA Sections for EMC matters of the Section members and they are supported by a small group of EMC Level 2 Specialists of the USKA. Every month a video conference is held in BBB to discuss current issues and questions. The documents and minutes of these meetings are stored in the EMC Fachtagung – (uska.ch) section in the protected member area.

Organization of the EMC web pages

A part of the EMC documents is publicly accessible, the other part is stored in the so-called members area. If the reader comes across this and wants to read the documents, he has to log in as USKA member before he can download documents.


EMC Technical Office

The task of the EMC Technical Office of the USKA is to represent our interests in national and international standardization bodies and with authorities, as well as to maintain contact with the working group of the IARU R1 and its experts; to inform our members about developments in the field of interference such as that caused by PV photovoltaics, PLC Powerline communication, VDSL2, G.Fast networks, energy-saving lamps/LEDs, Wireless Power Transfer WPT, etc., and to provide advice in the event of problems.

The goal of the EMC working group is above all “help for self-help”, if necessary also individual consultation or in individual cases measurements on site to offer. The EMC Level 1 specialists in the sections are trained to the extent that they can support the section members in troubleshooting on site and, if necessary, they can prepare a competent fault report to OFCOM. If necessary, the EMC Level 2 specialists will support this work or inspect it if required.

We are still looking for experienced amateurs who are willing to actively participate in our team and contribute their expertise!

  • Reports of interference to OFCOM can be submitted online here:

Online interference report: Online Störungsmeldung (be careful to select the correct type)

EMC Standards

Due to various adaptations and changes in the legislation (VEMV), this area is continuously supplemented.

VEMV: SR 734.5 Ordinance on electromagnetic compatibility,
entered into force on April 20, 2016
For further EMC standards and laws see:

  • EMC Technical Office: EMV Fachstelle
  • Regulations and technical standards: Vorschriften und technische Normen

Further information can be found on both pages

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