Erstellt am: 26. May 2024

Restoration of web server and mail service as of 26.5.

Deutsche Version: Wiederherstellung Webserver und Mail-Service Stand 26.5.
Version française: Restauration du serveur web et du service de messagerie Situation 26.5.
Versione italiana: Ripristino del server web e del servizio di posta elettronica a partire dal 26.5.
English version: Restoration of web server and mail service as of 26.5.

Restoration of web server and mail service as of 26.5.

Web server

The web server for has been running stably since the migration last weekend. Unfortunately, some integrated sub-domains are not yet working (e.g. We will take care of it.

Mail service

I was able to set up around 1600 mail accounts manually on 25.5. Unfortunately manually, which is a very annoying and tiring job, but not everything can be automated. Among them are 360 real mailboxes (without forwarding). Of these 360, only 87 members have a valid e-mail address in Fairgate, of which 14 were invalid. These 73 mailbox holders were sent the password for their mailbox on Sunday evening. All others must contact us via self-service.

This means that all existing mail forwarding to the old addresses has now been restored.

  • If you would like to convert this mail forwarding into a normal mailbox, you can do so. In the next few days, a new support form will be available in the self-service area, which will replace the old email request forms. As a result, you will receive a password and can then follow the instructions at and set up forwarding and the mailbox as you wish.

All normal mailboxes are also set up. Mails are received and saved. If you have such a mailbox, the procedure is as follows:

  • You have received an email from us with the password.
  • Then follow the instructions at and you have the choice of connecting the mailbox locally on your computer with a mail program, using Hostpoint’s webmail access or setting up forwarding.

Best 73,

USKA web editor