Hiking and radio amateur – how does it work?


Anita HB9HBU and Jean-Pierre HB9HBV on the Titlis HB / OW-001

Hiking and radio amateur – how does it work?

Radio amateurs around the world have launched many programs in which they set up the radio station in nature and transmit from there.

The oldest Swiss initiative is the NMD (National Mountain Day). For this purpose, radio amateurs installed and used their self-made transceivers, which were still equipped with tubes at that time, on mountains 80 years ago.

In the early 2000s, SOTA (Summit On The Air) was developed, which is very popular with radio amateurs who hike to the summit (activators) as well as those who have stayed at home (hunters). The equipment can consist of just a small handheld radio for the 2-meter band, but it can also consist of a universal shortwave station and antenna with 15 watts of transmitting power, which makes up 3-4 kg in the backpack, but is sufficient to get radio contacts around the globe. Both voice radio (SSB) and Morse code (CW) are practiced.

The fascination is

  • To move, to hike
  • Get to know Switzerland
  • To set up a running amateur radio station on the summit
  • To make contacts with radio operators all over the world, who may be sitting on a mountain you’ve been on
  • (everyone has their own motivation)

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