USKA 90 Award

The USKA announces according her 90 year jubilee the USKA 90 award.

USKA 90 Award Rules: PDF_DEPDF_FRPDF_ITPDF_EN (Version 1.3 / 5.10.2019)

Current ranking and statistics: (The link is not longer valid)

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In 2019 USKA – the Swiss Amateur Radio Union celebrates its 90th anniversary. To commemorate this significant milestone in USKA history, The Union establishes Anniversary Award Program. Awards available to ham radio operators and SWL across the globe.

Awards are issued to amateur radio operators for making 2-way QSO with Swiss stations. Stations using HB90 and HB30 prefixes are giving twice the points, and considered as different correspondents to HB9 and HB3 stations with the same suffix.

QSO made on all amateur radio bands from 160 meters to 70 cm are counted for the awards. Contacts with the same station on the same band on CW, Phone and Digital mode are counted separately.


From 1st January 2019 at 0000z to 31th December 2019 (2359z).


There are three different categories, depending on the number of HB30 and HB90 stations the requestor has contacted (or SWL reports in the case of SWLs).


QSO with HB2, HB3, HBx and HB9 = 1 point QSO with HB30 and HB90 = 2 point

Each Swiss Canton counts as a multiplier, but only once, irrespective of band/mode (maximum 26 multipliers).
Final score for the award – number of QSO points multiplied by number of cantons worked.


European stations: 150 pointsStations outside Europe: 100 points


European stations: 500 points

Stations outside Europe: 450 points


European stations: 900 pointsStations outside Europe: 800 points

All the awards will indicate the name and callsign of the recipient and the number of valid QSOs and points. Awards will be available free in PDF format, downloadable from website.


Special Plaque:

A special Plaque will be awarded in the following different categories to the top participants that achieve the highest number of different contacts with the HB90 and HB30 stations on different bands and modes. These top performers will receive their trophy directly at their home free of charge.

Top CW QSO Number
Top Phone QSO Number
Top DIGI QSO Number (except FT8) Top FT8 QSO Number
Top All Mode QSO Number

Any other participant can request the special plaque directly from the shop on the webpage.


For ranking purposes, contacts will be valid on each mode and on each of the 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cm bands. Each band/mode contact only counts once; duplicate contacts (same band/mode combination) are not considered. All types of digital modes (RTTY, FT8, FT4, Amtor, etc) are considered the same “Digital” mode. In case of a draw, the station who completed the last QSO first will win.

Swiss Stations Activators

Can be every HB Station, needs only to register on and upload their own log (from 01.01.2019) regularly after operations and will have a separate Ranking (All Switzerland and Single Cantons) for top QSO number in Phone, CW and Digital.

Plaque orders:

Direct on website

If a participant wishes to receive a printed and laminated award on high quality paper, they may request it at a cost of EUR 10 for one copy. Postal charges are included.