Erstellt am: 8. October 2021

Zuletzt aktualisiert am: 2. May 2024

Implementation of FMG/LTC/TCA Article 37a into cantonal law

Deutsche Version: Antennen-Artikel FMG 37a – Umsetzung in den Kantonen läuft an!
Version française: Transposition Article LTC 37a – Antennes pour Radioamateurs dans les cantons
Versione italiana: Trasposizione dell’articolo LTC 37a – Antenne per radioamatori nella legge cantonale
English version: Implementation of FMG/LTC/TCA Article 37a into cantonal law

USKA has succeeded in introducing an article 37a in the Swiss Telecommunications Act (TCA) which simplifies the authorisation procedure for the construction of simple amateur radio antennas.
The “planning and building law” in Switzerland is mainly regulated by the cantons. The municipalities then have their own “building regulations”.

Our federalist state structure means that federal law must be explicitly transferred to cantonal and communal law so that it can develop its full effect there.

The cantonal implementation is now being taken in hand by the sections of the USKA. The sections have been informed about this, including at the Section Presidents’ Conference 2021 in Möriken AG (21 August 2021). In the case of cantons with several sections, these will form working groups in this regard.

The timetable:

  • By December 2021, the sections will put together their teams and report this to the USKA Board (for the attention of Political Lobbying).
  • For cantons that do not put together a team, USKA will publicly advertise and award this task among the members residing in the canton in question.
  • Here you can find the guidelines for the implementation of the antenna article LTC 37a: Guidelines in german, Guidelines in french.

Willi Vollenweider HB9AMC, Political Lobbying USKA