Swiss Amateur Radio Day Diplom (SARD)


“Radio amateur is not a dinosaur, therefore it must not disappear from the face of the earth”.

The Board of USKA is also of this opinion. In order to attract new people and new blood, USKA proposes a special kind of “Field Day” and invites all radio amateurs to participate.

The purpose of this day is to make the role of the radio amateur visible to the outside world by holding activities with portable stations in public places. This way our hobby becomes better known.

All bands (except WARC) are available for this contest. It is possible to operate in SSB as well as in CW. Digital modes are excluded due to lack of publicity.

The diploma was initiated by the Tera Radio Club, is under patronage of the USKA since 2022. The diploma evaluation is done by HB9EDG.


Betriebsarten: CW, SSB
Bänder: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2, 70cm, 23cm, SHF
Raport: RS(T) + fortlaufende Nummer + vollständiger Locator
SWL: siehe Reglement
Kategorien: OM/YL, SWL
Wertung: Die Entfernung zur Gegenstation in Kilometern geteilt durch die Sendeleistung in Watt ergibt die Punktzahl. (Beispiel: 1000 km: 100 W = 10 Punkte, 1000 km: 1000 W = 1 Punkt, 1000 km: 10 W = 100 Punkte). Jede Station kann nur ein Mal pro Band gearbeitet werden, unabhängig von der Betriebsart.
Log: siehe Reglement-Downloads