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Please note that USKA QSL Bureau restricts forwarding
of QSL cards to USKA members only. Thank you!

How do I successfully use the USKA QSL service?

The service is only available to members of the USKA. Our QSL office can only provide cards via the official IARU offices. The link to the current list of IARU offices can be found a little further down on this page. Here you will also find a list of countries without their own QSL office as well as other helpful information.

For contest connections a considerable part of the cards goes via QSL manager. The well known website www.qrz.com or other relevant sources offer information about this. You save yourself and the QSL office avoidable extra work if you note the correct recipient on the card before sending it.

DXCC country list DXCC Liste 2013 01 17 03.04.2022
Instructions for sorting the QSL cards Sortieren QSL Karten 21.04.2022
Specifically: order for Eastern Europe and Russia Sortieren QSL Karten Russland 24.03.2020
Special: Order for USA Sortieren QSL Karten USA 27.08.2013



New QSL service has started

The QSL service has been taken over by HB9NFB since March and has started operation on March 11, 2022.

Here is the information on the video from HB9NFB:

After the previous QSL manager of the USKA, Ruedi HB9CQL (member of Notfunk Birs), announced early to resign from his position by the end of 2021, the USKA board has advertised the position. Now the USKA section Notfunk Birs jumps into the breach and has agreed to operate the USKA QSL Bureau for the coming years.

Easier said than done. Just setting up a room is a lot of work. In hundreds of working hours, club members prepared a room next to the club shack of Notfunk Birs in February 2022 and mounted 12 running meters of shelving. The shelves with several thousand compartments were made and mounted according to own drawings.

On March 10th was the official handover from the former QSL manager Ruedi HB9CQL to the new QSL manager team of Notfunk Birs. From March 11 to 13 (Friday to Sunday) the QSL cards of the last months were sorted, packed and made ready for dispatch in many day, evening and night shifts. Among the many helpers worked on this extended weekend with Ruedi, who obviously enjoys the new QSL Bureau, as a team. From now on the new USKA QSL Bureau is in operation.

The board of Notfunk Birs would like to thank all members who participated in the construction of the USKA QSL Bureau and all those who signed up for upcoming work shifts. Once again it shows the strength our section can mobilize for an exciting task.

QSL Service 2022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= uw_8UHAUJ2c

Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to HB9NFB’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjIZC64WC3m3ZRCRPcY60Q

QSL Cards Dispatch Statistics 2008 - 2021

The following data gives an overview of the amount of QSL cards that have been dispatched through our office. Within 10 years we have processed about 8.7 tons of QSL cards, which corresponds to about 3’000’000 single QSLs. According to experience, May and June are the “strongest” months in terms of turnover.

HB9 DX total Couverts
2008 574 kg 549 kg 1’123 kg 9’419
2009 496 kg 533 kg 1’029 kg 10’345
2010 586 kg 450 kg 1’037 kg 8’446
2011 516 kg 402 kg 918 kg 8’892
2012 506 kg 439 kg 945 kg 7’502
2013 448 kg 480 kg 928 kg 8’274
2014 474 kg 374 kg 848 kg 6’802
2015 325 kg 363 kg 688 kg 5’994
2016 320 kg 294 kg 614 kg 6’686
2017 270 kg 265 kg 536 kg 5’666
2018 296 kg 215 kg 511 kg 4’806
2019 219 kg 278 kg 497 kg 3’953
2020 263 kg 187 kg 450 kg 4’691
2021 243 kg 225 kg 468 kg 5’125
TOTAL 5’536 kg 5’054 kg 10’590 kg 96’601

QSL cards - Important documents for active operators

QSL cards are not only coveted trophies for every active radio amateur. They are also valid documents for the proof that one has realized a radio contact with the remote station. QSL cards form the basis for most diplomas, set goals that are pursued with sometimes very great commitment over many years.

The USKA QSL service is one of the most important services of the USKA, offered exclusively to its members. For optimal use of this service, we ask that you follow the guidelines for sorting cards. Please also note the following tips and hints regarding the IARU QSL offices.

Recommendations for QSL card design

We recommend the use of the card size 9cm x 14cm, defined as standard size by the IARU since 1984.

 Title Download
 Anleitung für QSL-Karten (Version Deutsch 9.10.2016) Dokument [PDF]
 Instructions pour les cartes QSL (version français 9.10.2016) Dokument [PDF]
 Istruzioni per cartoline QSL (versione italiana 9.10.2016) Dokument [PDF]

Order QSL cards with 20% discount

USKA members receive a 20% discount when ordering QSL cards from www.qslshop.de.

For more information: DARC QSL Service (pdf)

Quelle HB9NFB, USKA QSL-Manager, Kontaktdaten ganz oben auf dieser Seite