LoRa Convention 2024

The LoRa Convention 2024 happens on May, 25th 2024 10:00 – 15.00 in Biel/Bienne at the Swiss Communication Competence Center

Because LoRa is now widely used in HAM radio we decided to organize an event for learning and exchange:


LoRa Convention 2024, May, 25th 2024, Biel/Bienne
10:00 Welcome

See all videos at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5Aoj6XonGuQtS2Mq0ANck9ruPnbsWQf-

LoRa Convention 2024 Agenda

LoRa Convention 2024 Biel Invitation

10:15 LoRa Modulation


10:45 LoRaWAN

LoRa Convention 2024 10.45 LoRaWAN By Andreas Spiess HB9BLA

11:00 Use case sensor network

LoRa Convention 2024 11.00 Sensor Network, Solid Humidity Sensors By Nikota Aigner

11:15 Meshtastic / Meshcom

LoRa Convention 2024 11.15 Meshtastic : Meshcom By Andreas Spiess HB9BLA

11:45 LoRa APRS

LoRa Convention 2024 11.45 LoRa APRS By Philipp Roos HB9TQJ

12:00 LoRa at 2.4GHz incl. Measuring of distance

LoRa Convention 2024 12.00 LoRa On 2.4GHz For Measuring Distances By Peter Zankl

12:30 Radiosondy (tracking of weather balloons)

LoRa Convention 2024 13.30 Outdoor Scout Radio Game By Frederic Noyer HB9HWF

13:30 Outdoor game for scouts

LoRa Convention 2024 13.45 Chasing Weather Balloons By Jean Francois Laett HB9ONO

13:45 Artificial Intelligence for monitoring ISM bands

LoRa Convention 2024 14.00 Classification Of Radio Signals Using AI By Stefan Junker (Yotavis) Radio Signal Analysis V1.2

Organisation by: Andreas Spiess HB9BLA (andreas.spiess@arumba.com, +41 79 477 00 00)

P.S. The presenter decides on the language of their presentations (French/German/English)

Please register (or check if you are registered): https://xoyondo.com/dp/eghid4qiab288ns

For directions and location map see PDF: LoRa Convention 2024 Biel Invitation