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Brief report EMV Conference 2024 in Aarau

Deutsche Version: Kurzbericht EMV Tagung 2024 in Aarau
Version française: Bref rapport sur le congrès EMV 2024 à Aarau
Versione italiana: Breve relazione sulla Conferenza EMV 2024 ad Aarau
English version: Brief report EMV Conference 2024 in Aarau

Brief report EMV Conference 2024 in Aarau

The EMV Conference 2024 took place on Saturday, June 8, 2024 in Aarau. Urs HB9BKT informed about the agenda and presented the topics of the speakers. Celso HB9TNW reported on symmetrical and asymmetrical interference, PV systems and findings on PLC/LED and ferrites. Armin HB9MFL presented an experience report on interference in the 6m band with direction finding. Urs HB9BKT reported on current interference incidents 2023/2024, standards in connection with CE and EMC tests. He also provided information on current international EMC topics, i.e. from the committees in which he represents the USKA’s position.

The documents shown and the minutes can be found under the following link: EMC symposium

The next EMC video conference will take place on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 2015 HBT. A corresponding invitation will follow.

Martin HB9GYF

Link: EMC conference page with downloads (for members only)