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Short report 4th EMC Level 1 Videoconference 2024

Deutsche Version: Kurzbericht 4. EMC Level 1 Videokonferenz 2024
Version française: Rapport succinct de la 4e vidéoconférence EMC de niveau 1 2024
Versione italiana: Breve relazione sulla quarta videoconferenza EMC Level 1 2024
English version: Short report 4th EMC Level 1 Videoconference 2024

Short report 4th EMC Level 1 Videoconference 2024

The 4th EMC Level 1 video conference 2024 took place on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Urs HB9BKT informed about the topics that are planned for the EMC conference on June 8, 2024 at 0930 in Aarau in the Bullingerhaus. Initial documents were shown on troubleshooting two interferers simultaneously. Optimizers and inverters in facades of buildings over 11 m are prohibited. The Euro Loop case at Wettingen station was discussed. Information was provided about a heat pump fault. Further details of an insulator from an electricity company, which causes broadband interference in the 2m band, were discussed, as was the slightly different approach to troubleshooting. Details of smart meter installations were briefly explained.

The documents shown and the minutes can be found under the following link: EMC symposium

The next EMC video conference will take place on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 2015 HBT. A corresponding invitation will follow.

Martin HB9GYF

Link: EMC conference page with downloads (for members only)