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HST 2023 – 12.09.2023 (Day 4)

Deutsche Version: HST 2023 – 12.09.2023 (Tag 4)
Version française: HST 2023 – 12.09.2023 (Jour 4)
Versione italiana: HST 2023 – 12.09.2023 (Giorno 4)
English version: HST 2023 – 12.09.2023 (Day 4)

HST 2023 – 12.09.2023 (Day 4)

On Tuesday the obligatory HST excursion with all participants and visitors took place. It went to the port town of Sozopol, about 25 km north of Primorsko, whose location on the Black Sea attracted the first settlers as early as 400 BC. Unfortunately, the history of the area is marked by many wars and even now you can feel that there is war not far from here, the 530 km as the crow flies to the Crimean peninsula is not very reassuring.

On a boat trip the telegraphists were shaken through and then brought back to the Event Center in Primorsko. There in the evening the award ceremonies in the country ranking and the overall winners of the different age groups took place. Team World Champion was Belarus ahead of Romania and Hungary, Switzerland was ranked 12th and HB9CSA received the bronze medal of his age category. One of the most beautiful experiences for HB9CSA was the presentation of the medals to the boys in the category up to 16 years. It is nice that even nowadays there are still young people who find telegraphy interesting.

The venue for the HST 2024 has not yet been decided. One waits for the political development and wants to decide in spring 2024 finally.

All results have been published on the following pages:

Picture 1: The ranking in the country ranking of the HST 2023.
Picture 2: World Team Champion 2023, the team from Belarus.
Picture 3: Award ceremony of the boys up to 16 years. From left to right: EW7KEY, EW7-018, YO8YNS and HB9CSA.

Last Vy73 from the Black Sea
Fritz Zwingli HB9CSA