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HST 2023 – 11.09.2023 (Day 3)

Deutsche Version: HST 2023 – 11.09.2023 (Tag 3)
Version française: HST 2023 – 11.09.2023 (Jour 3)
Versione italiana: HST 2023 – 11.09.2023 (Giorno 3)
English version: HST 2023 – 11.09.2023 (Day 3)

HST 2023 – 11.09.2023 (Day 3)

On Monday, all contests were conducted as the day before, but each in different age categories.

Young Romanian Ianis Scutaru, YO8YNS set a new fable world record in the category. Like the day before the 18 year old Belarusian Yulija Yakauchuk, he reached a speed of 1000 BPM and set the record for the first time over the 300`000 points to a magic 306`273 points.

All competitions were smoothly run by the organizers of the Bulgarian Radio Club (BFRA) under the leadership of IARU Region 1 Executive member Z32TO. It is always interesting how many children and young people are brought to telegraphy, this gives hope for the future. For the first time, following the example of the HB9 team of the years before Covid, a team from OE started. Under the leadership of OE1OMA the team from Austria, consisting of 2 women and 3 men, reached a great 7th place in the team ranking.

Winner of the team ranking was as usual Belarus in front of Romania and Hungary. The Swiss team consisting of HB9CSA landed on the 12th place. At the end of the HST there was a bronze medal for HB9CSA in the overall ranking of his age class.

The 4th day will be followed by the obligatory excursion and the official award ceremonies for the overall categories.

All results can be found here:

Picture 1: The young operators from 9A QRV as LZ19HST
Picture 2: The podium at RUFZXP with the young world record holder YO8YNS
Picture 3: The successful team from Hungary.

Vy73 from Bulgaria

Fritz Zwingli LZ/HB9CSA