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HST 2023 – 10.09.2023 (Day 2)

Deutsche Version: HST 2023 – 10.09.2023 (Tag 2)
Version française: HST 2023 – 10.09.2023 (Jour 2)
Versione italiana: HST 2023 – 10.09.2023 (Giorno 2)
English version: HST 2023 – 10.09.2023 (Day 2)

HST 2023 – 10.09.2023 (Day 2)

Sunday began for the participants with the competitions, ear reading, keying, callsign listening, as well as Morserunner. Ear reading and Morserunner, VE3NEA’s test program, take place at different times with about 20 participants in a large hall. RUFZXP and keying take place in individual rooms under the control of an international jury.

Excellent results were achieved in all age categories, but the new world record of the young Belarusian Yulija Yakauchuk, EW8JA overshadowed everything. She improved LZ2CWW’s 2019 record to a fantastic 293,617 points and almost broke the magic 300k barrier. Japan’s JJ0THX was happy about his bronze medal in the RUFZXP category and also the Swiss one-man team with HB9CSA was happy about a silver medal in his favorite discipline, Morse code keying (transmitting). The medal table after the first one is led by Belarus ahead of Romania and Hungary.

All results will be published on the following pages:

  • Highspeed telegraphy – HST News
Picture 1: The podium at RUFZXP age group up to 21 years with the new world record holder EW8JA.
Picture 2: The winners in Transmitting , category over 50 years with HB9CSA, EU7KJ and HA8KW.
Picture 3: The logo of the HST World Championship 2023

Vy73 from the black sea

Fritz Zwingli HB9CSA

Editor’s note: On behalf of the USKA, we congratulate you, dear Fritz Zwingli HB9CSA for your repeated efforts at the IARO HST WC and for another medal, the silver medal in 2023!