Erstellt am: 20. December 2023

HB9GR offers new training courses

Deutsche Version: HB9GR bietet neu Ausbildungskurse an
Version française: HB9GR propose désormais des cours de formation
Versione italiana: HB9GR offre nuovi corsi di formazione
English version: HB9GR offers new training courses

HB9GR offers new training courses

The USKA is always very pleased when sections decide to train again. This is the case with HB9GR. An HB3 and an HB9 course will be offered, the kick-offs will take place on 4.1.2024 and 2.1.2024 respectively.

HB3 course:

HB9 course:

HB9GR is now also listed as a training section alongside HB9T, HB9BSL (FACB), HB9LU, HB9BA, HB9MM, HB9SCBO, HB9BC, HB9CL. Congratulations and thanks to all training sections and clubs!

Further HB3 and HB9 training offers can be found here:

Do you offer training courses and events and are not listed? Then get in touch at or The list of courses is offered to visitors to the USKA homepage in various places.