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HamWebinar IG Uem (30 March)

Deutsche Version: HamWebinar IG Uem (30. März)
Version française: HamWebinar IG Uem (30 mars)
Versione italiana: HamWebinar IG Uem (30 marzo)

For the first time, IG Uem unveils its activities in a USKA HamWebinar !

IG Übermittlung is an association organised according to the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) with over 200 individual members, collective members and patrons. It supports the HAMFU Foundation in the restoration and maintenance of the historical command support and transmission material of the Swiss Armed Forces. Competent members look after the material assigned to them by the HAMFU Foundation in working groups.

Numerous radio amateurs are actively involved in the association, the majority of them logically former members of the armed forces who still know the systems from their time in service and contribute their knowledge to the association’s work.

The association is a collective member of the USKA. Link to the association:

IG Uem runs a large collection centre (museum) near Uster.

Registration for the HamWebinar is compulsory at

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