Erstellt am: 19. June 2024

Results SHF Mini Contest May 2024 online

Deutsche Version: Ergebnisse SHF-Mini-Contest Mai 2024 online
Version française: Résultats du mini-concours SHF de mai 2024 en ligne
Versione italiana: Risultati del Mini Concorso SHF maggio 2024 online
English version: Results SHF Mini Contest May 2024 online

Results SHF Mini Contest May 2024 online

The 1st part of the SHF Mini Contest took place on the last weekend in May 2024.
The short contest takes place on Saturday and Sunday mornings and is scheduled to coincide with the contest times of the Bavarian Mountain Day.
The frequencies above 10 GHz will be activated. Part of the contest conditions is the off-grid power supply and a total weight of the station of maximum 9.99 kg.

Unfortunately, there are only 2 participants (HB9BAT and HB9MDP) in the results list who have submitted to these rules.
But what the results page does not show: The activity – especially a

Thanks to all participants for taking part and sending in their logs to the USKA.
Congratulations to the winners.

73 de Martin, HB9EWL