Electronics and the license to transmit


Radio amateurs with the CEPT license are allowed to modify radio equipment as well as to completely expand and operate them themselves. However, you must adhere to the regulations consistently and are responsible for your actions.

As a result, radio amateurs have been building their own devices from the very beginning. This includes all areas such as antennas, control devices, transmitting and receiving devices through to complex IT solutions.

The UHF Group, a member of the USKA, operates several relay stations (comparable to mobile radio repeaters) and implements many components in-house, develops the circuits, the boards, equips and tests them and develops the necessary software.

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Raspberry-Pi and Arduino are also often used for such projects, e.g. in an FT-8 box for mobile operation of digital operating modes. The box consists of a Raspberry Pi, USB sound card, GPS module, housing, some cables and a clever composition of software that enables FT8 to be operated mobile and without a notebook. The developer is HB9HCI.

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