USKA Vorstand / Organigramm


The Board of the USKA

Here is an overview of the organization and distribution of duties of the USKA Board of Directors, which has been in office in this composition since the 2021 Delegate Assembly and the by-election at the 2022 & 2023 Delegate Assembly.


The USKA Board of Directors
President / Authorities Bernard Wehrli HB9ALH
Vice President Dr. Urs Lott HB9BKT
Community Development Daniel Kägi HB9IQY
Cooperations Dr. Markus Meier HB9GXM
New Technologies Dr. Andreas Spiess HB9BLA
EmComm (formerly: emergency radio) Jean‐Michel Clerc HB9DBB
PR / Training / Marketing Daniel Schuler HB9UVW
Radiosports Andreas Thiemann HB9JOE /
IARU / EMV / Cash register Dr. Urs Lott HB9BKT /

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