USKA Vorstand / Organigramm


The Board of the USKA

Here is an overview of the organization and distribution of duties of the USKA Board of Directors, which has been in office in this composition since the 2021 Delegate Assembly and the by-election at the 2022 Delegate Assembly.

Responsibilities in the USKA Board of Directors

Stv= Substitution
F=French region
I=Italian region


USKA Board of Directors 2023 Board members Secretariat


Willi Vollenweider HB9AMC Bernard Wehrli, HB9ALH Urs Lott, HB9BKT Dani Kägi, HB9IQY Andy Thiemann, HB9JOE Jean-Michel Clec, HB9DBB Andreas Spiess, HB9BLA Dänu Schuler, HB9UVW Markus Meier, HB9GXM Sekretariat      Willy Rüsch, HB9AHL
1 Presidial: Personnel, Strategy, Office, Project “Future of Amateur Radio V Stv U
2 Political Lobbying V
3 Members: administration, publications, minutes, Org. VSS, etc. V
4 Finances: cash desk, member administration, insurances, archive, QSL service, legal matters of the association U V Stv U
5 EMC/EMC: EMC incidents, standards committees, expert contact authorities Stv V
6 BAKOM: annual meetings, frequencies, regulations, approvals, etc. V Stv U
7 Antennas: Building regulations, antenna laws, permits, NISV, court cases, antenna commission V F
8 Community Development: Sections, Collective Members, House of Transport, etc. V Stv
9 USKA occasions: Hamfeste, Hamradio etc. Stv V U
10 Radio Sports: contests incl. regulations, direction finding/ARDF, QSL-Mngmt, etc. Stv V
11 Emergency radio/EmCom: meetings, authorities, agreements, training, guidelines Stv V U
12 IARU/Foreign Relations: Neighboring associations, band watch Stv V
13 Training/youth development: basic training, AFU examinations, courses, PR for young talent Stv F V
14 Training: Akademie, neue Technologien, HamGroups etc. U V Stv
15 Cooperations: TecDays, Tun XX, Schools, Uni’s, etc. Stv V
16 USKA Marketing: HBradio, PR, Corp. Idetity U F V U
Legend: V=Responsible Stv= Substitution F=French region I=Italian region U=Support

Stand: 28.05.2023

Admitted to the board at the DV 2023:

  • Andreas Spiess HB9BLA (until now VS-employee New Technologies)
  • Markus Meuer HB9GXM (so far VS-employee TecDay)
  • Andreas Thomann HB9JOE (former VS)
The USKA Board of Directors
President HB9AMC


Willi Vollenweider


Vice President
Bernard Wehrli HB9ALH

IARU/Foreign Relations
Dr. Urs Lott HB9BKT
Community Development Daniel Kägi HB9IQY
Radio Sports   Andy Thiemann HB9JOE

Emergency radio/EmCom Jean-Michel Clerc HB9DBB
Continuing education Dr. Andreas Spiess HB9BLA
USKA Events
USKA Marketing
Daniel Schuler HB9UVW
Cooperations Markus Meier HB9GXM
Office Willy Ruesch HB9AHL USKA Union Schweizerischer
Bahnhofstrasse 26
5000 Aarau
M +41 79 842 65

Download: USKA Organigramm 2023

Link: Reports and minutes