Statutes and objectives of the USKA


Under the name “Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure” (hereinafter referred to as USKA), (Union des Amateurs Suisses d’ondes courtes; Unione radioamatori di onde corte svizzeri; Union of Swiss Short Wave Amateurs) an association in the sense of Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) was founded on August 4, 1929.

The USKA is politically and denominationally neutral. As far as the statutes do not contain any provisions, the provisions of the ZGB apply.

The USKA has its registered office in Cham ZG (entry in the Commercial Register).

The 2024 Delegates’ Meeting approved the latest amendments to the Articles of Association. This decision was confirmed by the ballot vote in April 2024.

Statutes of the USKA

USKA Statuten Stand 29.5.2024
USKA Statuto Versione 29.5.2024
USKA Statuts Version 29.5.2024


    The aims of the USKA / Statutes Article 3

    The USKA…

    3.1. aims at the promotion of the amateur radio service (as defined by the ITU Radio Regulations) on all frequency bands to which it is entitled and in all authorized modes of transmission
    3.2. safeguard the interests of the amateur radio service and its licensees, in particular with regard to the preservation and extension of the frequency bands, the erection of external antennas and the problems arising from insufficient electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    3.3. protects the interests of other stakeholders in radio communications, in particular short wave listeners (SWL) and listening amateurs.
    3.4. promotes the “Hamspirit” among its members by appropriate measures
    3.5. promotes the formation of regional and technical sections
    3.6. supports the historical, cultural and intangible aspects of Amateur Radio
    3.7. promotes the technical knowledge of its members through education and training, through courses, conferences and the like
    3.8. coordinates and supports efforts to fascinate young people in technical/scientific activities, especially in the field of radio-technical communications and related fields.
    3.9. coordinates and supports educational events related to amateur radio, especially the training of new radio amateurs.
    3.10. supports scientific and technical institutions by observations and experiments.
    3.11. is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and represents in it the interests of radio amateurs in Switzerland
    3.12. supports the population and the authorities in emergency situations, especially in case of failure of their communication infrastructure
    3.13. organizes competitions, donates diplomas and arranges QSL cards
    3.14. publishes an organ of the association, promotes and does public relations work
    3.15. may cooperate with other amateur radio organizations in Switzerland and abroad and entrust special tasks to technical groups.
    3.16. may become a member of other organizations, if this is expedient for the protection of the interests of Swiss amateur radio.


    Strategic goals of the USKA 2018 – 2022

    At the last strategy workshop, the USKA Board adopted the following strategic goals for the years 2018 – 2022:

    Strategie dell’USKA 2018 – 2022
    Strategie der USKA 2018 – 2022
    USKA Strategie (DV_2021_Informationen_Traktandum_17)

      The USKA Executive Board conducts a strategy workshop in 2024.