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Bula 2022 im Goms: Bye Bye QSO

Deutsche Version: Bula 2022 im Goms: Bye Bye QSO
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Bula 2022 im Goms: Bye Bye QSO
Versione italiana: Bula 2022 im Goms: Bye Bye QSO

The Bula Scouts Camp says Good Bye
The farewell QSO

The RISC team of the Scouts in the Bula has done outstanding public relations work.
It can be assumed that every one of the 30’000 participating scouts climbed the radio tower at least once to get the best view of the huge tent-camp. “Schweiz Aktuell” also devoted a detailed report to the radio activities.
The crowning glory of the radio activities was the successful ISS contact on Wednesday 3 August.
The Bula team will begin dismantling on Saturday and would like to thank all the radio amateurs with a very last QSO.
We all say THANK YOU for the huge effort of all the helpers and who made such a big presence of radio amateurism in the public possible. This opportunity will not come again for another 14 years!
Good Bye QSO Saturday 6 August on 3’690 kHz LSB at 0800 HBT.
HB9JAM will lead the round – please make short statements so that the crew can can start with the dismantling afterwards.

Willi HB9AMC

(Translated with www.DeepL)